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"Certification Examination" 2018 the 2nd MOOCs Course Certification Examination will be held on July 1, Welcome to register!

Ewant platform and Taiwanlife Platform Course Certification examination will be held on July 1, 2018 in the whole Taiwan 13 test centers, welcome to test their own strength! Application period: Immediate to June 10, 2018 (Sunday) 23:59 Test Date: July 01, 2018 (Sunday) Application URL: login in IE browser and payment) Registration Fee: NT […]

"E-Bowl" 2018 Art Festival "ai (real Identity)" debut with arts and Technology integration Light Campus

"Jin Pao reporter Rowezhou/hsinchu report" Jiaotong University "2018 Art Festival" 4 to May on the campus of the Jiaotong College, by discussing "ai" this seemingly scientific and technical sense of the theme, flip the original commonly known as Artifitial Intelligence (artificial intelligence) initials, will be "ai" redefine, change authentic Identity (real identity) as the theme, […]

【e碗報】資訊即是力量(Information is power)!How much can you read financial news?

I have a Taiwan GG friend, once I and other people in the discussion of investment and financial affairs, aside he said "hey, you can teach me how to buy stocks, how to invest?"Are there any recommended funds?How do you buy stocks?I also want to invest.」 Then I asked him, "Do you usually pay attention […]

"E-bowl" flip the Human future AI technology: Artificial Intelligence and deep learning

Artificial intelligence (Artificial FDI) aims to study how to realize the science and engineering of intelligent machines, in which deep learning (Deep Learning) technology has achieved great progress and concern in recent years, such as image, speech recognition and other applications, even in the game of chess to overcome the human, Let us see the […]

"E-bowl" 2D animation form series, the next animation Tatsu is you!

This micro-course suitable for the study of the series of scholars include: animation creative units and individuals, as the animation company planning Department related workers, interested in animation director work, engaged in animation teaching related professionals.  ▶ Course Content This micro-course consists of four subjects: The first stage: "2d animation production, this course is the […]

"Fill out a questionnaire to send a good gift" ewant invite you to fill in the "Ministry of Education Grinding teacher Curriculum Promotion Program Learner Questionnaire", Super Business gift certificate waiting for you to take!

Dear Student Hello, Ministry of Education since the promotion of grinding teacher program has been 4 years of time, the various universities have been blossoming, resulting in many of the characteristics of the MOOCs grinding Division online learning courses.The Ewant Open Education platform has also accumulated more than 600 courses of grinding courses. As long […]