National Chiao-Tung University (NCTU) has been advocating open education for long time. Sensing the flourish opportunites for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in early 2012, NCTU established the Research Center of Higher Educational Resources for Openness (HERO center) in August 2012 to promote the development of MOOC platform, as well as the production of online courses. The first MOOC platform, ewant, named after “education you want”, was set up in October 2013 to host MOOCs provided by registered partners for advancing research and development of open education. Nowadays, “ewant” has become the largest MOOCs platform in Taiwan, having the most registered users, partners,and MOOC extended programs.

Untill March, 2019, ewant has been hosted over 1100 courses and has been partnered with more than 88 unversities. It is also the only MOOC platform that is capable of hosting nation-wise proctored examinations for MOOCs. Since 2015, ewant has been offering cooperate training courses for various enterprises including the largest semiconductor manufacturing company and the cross-university credited general education MOOCs. Starting 2016, ewant has been providing training courses for civil servants and for advanced placement program for some universities. Since 2018, HERO started to promote MOOCs for high school students, continuing in designing wider and deeper applicaiotn of MOOCs.