First national MOOCs course certification exams press conference

First national MOOCs course certification exams press conference

"World for the first time in Taiwan"-national MOOCs course certification exams in Taiwan held, completely solve the grinding Division (MOOCs) course online test of lack of credibility problems and started to deepen the impact of open education.


National traffic University Wu Yan China principal and the national air University Zhang Jihao principal today co-star attended in national traffic University Taipei campus held of "first times national MOOC courses certification exam reporter will", not only is Taiwan MOOCs courses of first times, a years held 4 to 5 times national courses certification exam more is global MOOCs of initiative, not only completely solution mill class Division (MOOCs) courses online test public letter force insufficient of problem, more is deepening open education of began.

Formally launched in October 2013 at National Chiao Tung University Taiwan MOOCs established independent platforms " Ewant Yu network "Hou on has been is committed to established unique of features, currently has has 30 by on both sides of of famous University participate in, 2013-2014 provides over 60 door above Chinese taught of quality courses, currently is Taiwan only a outside user far than territory user of MOOCs platform, is Taiwan only a towards to city more by top university participation of MOOCs platform, is Taiwan first a let domestic MOOCs courses get city top University admitted credits of platform.In 2014, further National Chiao Tung University and National University of the air to set up sister platform "Taiwan LIFE Taiwan people platform" and ewant and Taiwan LIFE, two platforms can exchange, is the world's first design allows different platforms to share curriculum and students.

Ewant platform and Taiwan LIFE platform on November 16 (Sunday) at least 13 test sites in Taiwan (including outlying islands such as Kinmen and Penghu areas) MOOCs courses on the platform held its first entity certification exam, each exam students will be accepted in the examination room certification exam until, the strict level is similar to national tests.This is global first times has national in country synchronization for MOOCs courses held certification exam, through of students will can get a paper printing has students photos, and foot with public letter force of courses certification certificate, completely solution has MOOCs online test public letter force insufficient of problem, opened has MOOCs development of various possibilities, for example school can through such of certification exam admitted credits, or enterprise can using such of certification exam assessment volume employees learning results,.Starting in 2015, ewant fixed every year and Taiwan LIFE platform as a platform MOOCs on courses held between 4 and 5 national entity certification exam, students who passed the exam and it could even get a formal air of college credits, and incorporated into the credit Bank and access to lifelong learning for life degree.

November 16 (Sunday) certification exams for the first time introduced a total of 4 courses attended, respectively, National Chiao Tung University Professor Yu Xiaocheng of the art of war and business, the discussion on Professor Chen Longying electronics and Tang Liying, Professor of the science of statistical quality management and simple simple.Second times courses certification exam set in 104 years January 17-18th, joined courses will up to 11 door above, including has Beijing Tsinghua University Marx doctrine principle, and Shanghai traffic University TCM and Chinese traditional culture, and Tang song Word Humanities interpretation, and national traffic University semiconductor component physical, and National Central University calculus picked up level, and Zhongyuan University operating system introduction to, and Pei medical thing Technology University day Taiwan tea, and national Ilan University life in the everywhere of physical, and National Yang Ming University in the carbon reduction and sustainable management, Kaohsiung Medical University, the easy way to learn mechanics, as well as the logic of National Chung Cheng University, many MOOCs joined on this course at the University certification systems will have powerful effects plus.

Course certification exams press briefing on October 3, will also be invited to participate in the 104-year January 17-18th second certification exam course instructors for all course descriptions and exchanges also show this course accepted certification system for the school.


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National Chiao Tung University, Director of the Center for studies of higher education open source
Li Wei yi,0911-256-279

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  1. Ewant County 7 's top University platform, including Beijing's Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Harbin, Xian Jiaotong University, Renmin University of China, Southwest Jiaotong University and Beijing Jiaotong University.Taiwan 23 between tertiary institutions participate in ewant platform, including national traffic University, and National Yang Ming University, and national political University, and National Central University, and national Chiang Kai-shek University, and national ZTE University, and National Sun Yat-sen University, and national Ilan University, and National Kaohsiung University, and National Yunlin Technology University, and national air University, and Taipei Medical University, and Kaohsiung Medical University, and China medicine University, and Tamkang University, and auxiliary ren University, and Zhongyuan University, and big leaves University, and meaning keep University, and Pei medical thing Technology University, and auxiliary British Technology University, and Jutoku University, lunghwa University of science and technology.
  2. National Chiao Tung University Professor Yu Xiaocheng of the art of war and business MOOCs courses are Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Harbin Institute of technology accepted as general courses, held in September 2014 and two schools by the end of the course exam, students who pass the certification exam will receive 2 credits, the first Taiwan through precedent for MOOCs from the continent's top University for credits.
  3. First national MOOCs certification exam dates: November 16, 2014 (days)
    Participate in certification MOOCs course: the art of war and business, light on the science of electronics, simple statistics, quality management simple
    Certification exam registration website:
  1. Second national MOOCs certification exam dates: January 2015, 17-18th (Fri) (Japanese)
    Participation in certified MOOCs courses: 11 (including some of China's top universities courses)
  1. Ewant education network website:
    Taiwan LIFE Taiwan national learning platforms website: