Ewant Autumn Good Lesson

Ewant Autumn Good Lesson

School starts!A lot of family and friends to Yoshiichi is worried, happy is the whole Taiwan parents can have a little more to enjoy themselves, cultivate the artistic flavor of the time, the worry is that the whole Taiwan school children to start every day to check in to schools cram classes.

First of all, do not talk about learning children, dear parents, we first look at Ewant in September, there are a few courses can cultivate artistic temperament bar!



The next step is to return to Taiwan's future masters!Ewant Breeding network began to have the so-called "high School New curriculum elective" and "high school talent cultivation" plan Yo!Interested persons are welcome to inquire about Le Learning network.


Finally, in 2018, before the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, but also to bless everyone, happy mid-Autumn Festival ~~

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