"E Bowl newspaper" Allen Teacher talk about things, take you to logistics operations personnel-Logistics Management Certificate

"E Bowl newspaper" Allen Teacher talk about things, take you to logistics operations personnel-Logistics Management Certificate

Republic of China Logistics Association x National Chiao Tung University

Prepare for the future/already engaged in the logistics industry, logistics-related information industry, engaged in the financial services sector, engaged in trade and wholesale and retail services, serving in the government departments of the General Customs and related areas.This course not only takes you through the flow of logistics, but teacher Allen will also take you through the process to get logistics operations talent-Logistics Management license!

Course Date: 2018.11.01 ~ 2018.12.31
Registration Website: Http://goo.gl/26m4Lx
Course fee: 3000 Yuan (the first 2 weeks free, after 5 weeks to pay to watch, the cost includes the license examination, the examination fee, the certificate exam book "logistics operations management, The fourth edition, the Republic of China logistics association, the future culture"!

I believe that we have been accustomed to all kinds of stores, online shopping or mobile e-commerce brought about the convenience of life, but this convenience must rely on a solid logistics transport as the backing; there is no reliable logistics, there will be no successful sales.More than 30 years ago, the development of modern access, triggering a variety of small-to-store distribution needs, distribution cycle from Monday, and every other day to achieve a two-time multi-frequency distribution; The rise of the millennium Hou Zhai, more let e-commerce with the acceleration of the engine to meet the needs of housing economy.Now more with the popularity of smartphones, action business with the look, with the buy, anywhere with the service, more so that logistics should follow the economic development towards a higher level of demand.

Looking back on history and looking to the future, logistics will still play a key role, this course is mainly interested in logistics, with a brief explanation to establish a basic understanding of the logistics system, look forward to allowing students to use logistics to enhance their own employment and enterprise competitiveness.

Are you ready to further explore the world of logistics?

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