the key course for fall and winter

the key course for fall and winter

Another year in Taiwan, the most comfortable temperature, humidity, autumn season!
What courses can you study at home in the autumn near winter/Autumn?

Teacher Allen talk about logistics, how about join in !?

Course date: 2018.11.01 ~ 2018.12.3
Registration Website: Http://
Course fee: 3000 Yuan (the first 2 weeks free, after 5 weeks to pay to watch, the cost includes the license examination, the examination fee, the certificate exam book “logistics operations management, The fourth edition, the Republic of China logistics association, the future culture”!

Your daily consumption, Whether it is from a variety of stores, online shopping or mobile e-commerce, backed by a solid logistics, can say that there is no reliable logistics, there will be no successful Sales.With the popularization of smart phones, the action of business with the look, with the buy, anywhere with the service, more so that logistics should follow the economic development towards a higher level of demand.

This course video content for Chen Zhiteng teacher will accumulate 10 teaching and practical experience, sorting and enrichment of logistics certification examination must test the essence of the course, through the exclusive recording and editing of audio-visual courses, only in the Ewant Open education platform launched, exclusive classes, opportunities Rare.

Take you to grasp the test center, understand the context, do understand the core concept of the examination and the constant test concept!

Brand Strategy: the source of cultural innovation

Course date: 2018/09/24 ~ 2018/11/05
Registration Website: Https://

“innovation” has always been the driving force of economic growth.In the past years, there has been a growing focus on how to develop innovative sociocultural models.The course is designed using an interdisciplinary approach that integrates ideas such as art, culture, consumption, marketing, economics, sociology, and anthropology into building brand assets and provides a framework that will lead learners to understand how brands participate in cultural innovation and contribute to social welfare while maintaining a sustainable business model.

Dementia Prevention and care

Course date: 2018/09/24 ~ 2018/11/05
Registration Website: Https://

first, from the understanding of the basis of dementia, and then discussed in the daily life of patients with dementia may encounter problems in the face, including the behavior of dementia, diet, sports surface, legal, volunteer assistance, to deal with the problem of dementia patients can have a comprehensive understanding and HELP.It is a science that explores how people’s cognition, affection and behavior are affected by the crowd and society around them, and social psychology helps you know more about yourself and the Crowd.

Become an artist, are you ready?—artist Guide

Course date: 2018/09/24 ~ 2018/11/19
Registration Website: HTTPS://GOO.GL/JJDGF3

More and more people want to engage in design, creativity-related work!But how do you prepare a portfolio for every interview in life?If you are interested in artistic creation, can you find the “survival skills” of the workplace from the extensive experience of planning exhibitions by understanding the areas of art administration?

This course will be shared through the experience of full-time artists and art-related workers to explore topics that must be carefully considered by the relevant department students!

See the world in English (fall 2018)

Course date: 2018/10/22 ~ 2018/11/26
Registration Website: Https://

Only to learn English for so long, reading English news is still very difficult, always see a few words would like to give up, this course teaches you how to understand, understand English news, through the English kaleidoscope to spy on the WORLD.The course content combines with recent international news events as examples, allowing learners to keep abreast of the world trend while learning English language, broaden their horizons and be concerned about what happens in the world as a member of the global Village.

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