"e Bowl newspaper" robot era is coming, are you ready?

"e Bowl newspaper" robot era is coming, are you ready?

In recent years, the robot has received considerable attention from all walks of life, especially in sci-fi movies and novels, but also is menacing, but the real and imagined world, after all there is a huge difference, this course hopes from the academic point of view, to bring the true face of the human robot, The Robot's capabilities and limitations, as well as possible future developments, are explored through a robotic paradigm that actually occurs around Them.

This course is intended for learners to take advantage of common gadgets in life, and to work with a solid curriculum to complete their own robots in one step!

In this course, teacher Li uses two different kinds of robot teaching:

The first: Lego robots (plastic components)
The second type: Mbot robot (aluminum Alloy Component)

And the use of "graphic control program" software to compose the robot program, so that the students in a short period of nine hours, you can get the following three kinds of abilities:

  1. Hands-on "assembly", training students "observation" and "space conversion" Ability.
  2. Personally write "program", training students "focus" and "logical thinking" Ability.
  3. Physically "test" and train students to "validate" and "problem solving" abilities.

Enable students to learn, think, make ideas and share


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