National Jiaotong University to handle "2018 Taiwan online Learning Summit"coursera teacher Barbara Oakley on the stage to teach the secret

National Jiaotong University to handle "2018 Taiwan online Learning Summit"coursera teacher Barbara Oakley on the stage to teach the secret

The National Jiaotong University, the Taiwan Open Curriculum Alliance and the Finance Policy Association jointly hosted the "2018 Taiwan Online Learning Summit on May 15, 2018, at which more than 150 workers who were interested in online learning attended.Professor Barbara Oakley, who was invited to be selected as the most popular course by the American Coursera platform, shared with you how to design a successful online learning course, Oakley from Oakland University in the United States, where she opened Coursera The learn"course has attracted more than 2.4 million people worldwide to take elective courses.


(Photo: Chen Xinhong, Vice President, National Jiaotong University, opening speech at the 2018 Taiwan Online Learning Summit)

In addition, the meeting also invited Professor Li Haowen of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Ministry of Education branch Lin Yanjin Senior Management, the National Taiwan University, deputy Dean Kang Shizhong Professor, the national Political University Chen Zhiming professor and the Institute of Digital Education, Director of the College of Statistics Cai Yichang in the conference to share the status and prospects of digital learning The online learning experience of transnational cooperation and the online learning viewpoints different from that of educational academia.


(Photo: 2018 Taiwan Online Learning Summit photo)

National Jiaotong University Ewant Network platform to thank the partner school for the pay of open education, in 2017 in the training network courses, according to the popularity of the course, the degree of curriculum adhesion, curriculum interaction and course management four items to grade, from the selection of the best course and the award in the meeting.The best courses for spring 2017 were obtained from the "very Village Spring Tree" course by Tamkang University, Zengqiugui, Netiankon, Wang Jialin, and four teachers, and the best course for summer classes was given by the University of Chiayi, Wang Sizi teacher. Not only is the briefing "course available, the best courses for the fall were obtained by the" Learning: Learning "course, which was Chen Yu by the National Chiao Tung University and Barbara Oakley, and the best winter classes were awarded to the Indonesian cultural language course by the National Taipei University of Science and Technology, Wang Lilan teacher.In addition, the Yukon has awarded the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology for its courses in 2017, which attracted 17,934 students at home and abroad to practice at the top of each school.


(Photo: The Chinese version of the "learning to learning" course by Chen Yu, National Jiaotong University and Barbara Oakley, is the best course for fall 2017, by Professor Kang Shizhong of the National Taiwan University)


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