Data Mining and R language (phase No. 20183 Advanced Practice Course)

Data Mining and R language (phase No. 20183 Advanced Practice Course)

"Course Introduction"

Data scientists are now the hottest industry, and R language is one of the basic tools that data scientists must learn.R language, is a free, open source code software, and easy to get started.Through the R language, data mining can be used to maximize the use of data through data visualization, statistical analysis and machine learning.Data mining is important in many industries, and is indispensable in the recently widely discussed area of retail 4.0 and Industry 4.0.Typical examples include precision marketing, consumer behavior analysis, financial forecasting, machine parameter tuning, predictive maintenance, Chengliang rate enhancement, and cycle time estimation.With the data in hand, you need to learn how to turn the data into information, and then become the knowledge that can help the enterprise to improve performance. In addition to the basic methods of data processing and analysis, this course designs several examples to gradually use the R language as the main axis, so that students can follow the teacher's explanations, and learn the techniques of data mining step-by-step.In the course of the timely integration of industry examples, so that students in the study, can quickly take class examples of customized, and the application of curriculum knowledge in the field of work data analysis.


"Course objectives"

1. Embrace data, analyze data, and then harness data

2. Understanding the application of multivariate analysis and statistical learning

3. Understanding the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning


"Course Features"

6-hour online knowledge learning, 12-hour per phase offline practice, from knowledge learning to skill implementation.

The course also provides the integration of real and virtual services (online to offline), from on-line knowledge learning to offline skills, to meet the learning needs of R-language learners, novices to veteran's learning requirements, so that learners through r this tool can solve their own industry problems, And then achieve the ultimate goal of improving the performance of enterprise operations.



"Class time for all periods"

* Praise constantly, we postponed this year's class time, starting from the end of July to start classes!

First issue: Statistical analysis, clustering association (class date: 7/28 ~ 7/29) 9:00~16:30 (lunch break 1.5 hours)

The second topic: Classification model, regression model (class Date: 9/29 ~ 9/30) 9:00~16:30 (lunch break 1.5 hours)

The third topic: machine Learning, statistical learning (class Date: 11/24 ~ 11/25) 9:00~16:30 (lunch break 1.5 hours)


"Fit for object"

1. Statistics and databases are preferred.No foundation of the classmate, also has no relationship, the proposal can first go to repair "IBM University (HTTPS://GOO.GL/CJZQKL)", will understand the basic syntax of R. "

2. Want to be a data scientist.

3. Interested in Related topics.


"Course fee"

Online Course 6 Hours: 1000 RMB (course URL: HTTPS://GOO.GL/6N5SFO)

Entity courses 12 Hours: 6000 RMB

"Single-class alumni/Staff health Concession" original price 95 percent, $5700, free online Lesson (value $1000) (Identity document required)
"Any two period to buy" the original price dozen 95 percent, a total of 11400 yuan (the original price of the province 600, gift value $1000 online Class), the preferential period from now until September 21.
"Three-time buy" The original price dozen 90 percent, a total of 16200 yuan (the original price of the province 1800, gift value $1000 online Class), the preferential period from now until July 20.

Paid Exclusive:

1. Online class for unlimited viewing of audio and video, textbook downloads, online questions

2. Online lesson reached through standard downloadable online certificate

3. Physical lessons directly with the teacher face-to-face interaction, the teacher took you to practice

4. Solid class full participation to obtain entity certificate

✓ Entity class will be full, please take advantage of enrollment opportunities!!!

"Enrollment Method" please register this URL:


After you fill out the form, The Undertaker will notify the applicants by letter of the remittance information within two days, please pay attention to your mailbox.Remittance is required within three days of receipt of the notification.

"Audio and video"

✓ Trailer: Https://

✓ Movie: Https://

"Course consultation"

Miss Wang;03-5712121#56066


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