"E-Bowl newspaper" The Test of four stone ─toc series of four stone refining courses

"E-Bowl newspaper" The Test of four stone ─toc series of four stone refining courses

TOC Four the test of the stone is derived from the precious stones of the four mystical powers of fall in ancient times.

According to legend, the leader who is able to pass the test of the four stones,

will be able to gain the mystical power to perceive the key issues and break through the stagnant situation.

-Master of Wisdom-

How to manage and create the highest value of the enterprise is the key task of the company in the era of the global competition environment and the enterprise mutual price cutting.

A set of management (theory of constrains, TOC) thinking and methods presented by the Master of Israeli management, Dr. Gaoderath, tells managers how to find the right things and make the right decisions to improve the overall performance of the company.

2018 Ewant introduced the TOC series of four stone refining courses, this course trial will be included in TOC management thinking and methods, TOC supply chain and distribution management, TOC production management, TOC project management test, from the introduction and application of the trial content, in addition to the TOC point of view into management, and add application examples , so that you can cultivate the basic concept of TOC and advanced application skills in the learning process.

Li Ronggui, the special open entity class, led the stone test to carry out four TOC simulation games, and provided valuable game textbook manuals.

The opportunity is rare, let the restriction theory master Li Ronggui teacher, take you to comprehend the restriction theory powerful strength together!!


✔ Course Features:

* Online courses (33 hours) including audio-visual materials/quizzes/Online Course pass certificate.

* Substantive courses (12 hours) including four simulation game implementation and game teaching Manual/Entity course certificate, limited quota, please make an appointment early.

* Entity Course Date: August 2018 25, 26th morning 9:00~ 4:00 (one hour lunch break).

✔ Charge Way: Enroll a course $3,000, two courses preferential $5,500, three classes preferential $7,000, four course cost 8000 yuan.Four courses + solid lesson 12hrs cost 10000 yuan.

* 85 percent discount on staff and alumni in Jiaotong University (with supporting documents).* 80 percent discount on all early bird prices before commencement (up to May 29, 2018).

(offers can only be optional)


✔ Teacher: This course is taught by Dr. Li Ronggui, a professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering and management at the National Jiaotong University.Arizona, State, a Ph. D., who has served in American companies for many years and is a founding member of the Tocico International Certification Association, a TOC expert certified by Tocico International Certification organization, and a TOC lecturer in Goldratt School Greater China region, is the first scholar to introduce TOC knowledge to Taiwan, Has a wealth of TOC industry coaching and teaching experience.


✔ Course time: Four courses are synchronized on May 29, 2018 ~7 31st, this series of courses from today to July 13, 2018 accept the application, the expiration of the acceptance.

✔ Application URL: https://goo.gl/forms/GHtsPAGsWjOcac033

✔ Course Links:

"The first stone-toc management thinking and Method" Https://goo.gl/NjbECJ

"Second stone-TOC supply chain and distribution management" Https://goo.gl/fBejFA

"The third smelting-toc production management" https://goo.gl/dsN9M4

"The four stone refining-TOC Key Chain project Management method" Https://goo.gl/mAH1RC


✔ Course Consultation: "Telephone" 03-5712121 #56066 "email" shirleywang@g2.nctu.edu.tw

✔ Enterprise Package Class: This series of courses welcome Enterprise Package Class!If there is a demand, please contact us, there will be dedicated to serve you.


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