"STEAM" 2018 Summer Camp offers only 7 days left!

"STEAM" 2018 Summer Camp offers only 7 days left!

  • The steam cost of 500 yuan an hour, not half of the battalion.
  • Enjoy 70 percent discount without overnight lodging
  • Exquisite teaching quality, the most affordable price

Organized by the Open Resources Research Center for higher Education at the National Jiaotong University, the Hellomaker teaching steam lasted 42 hours of intensive overnight camp activities, always exciting, everywhere pleasantly surprised, still hesitate what!

Battalion Information/Registration contact: Miss Chen (Little White Rabbit Teacher) 0919-379-013

HELLO Maker Official website: http://www.hello-maker.com/

Ewant Official website: http://www.ewant.org/

Application URL: http://www.hello-maker.com/camp.html

Fan page of Chiao Tung University: Https://goo.gl/Z6rmGy


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