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"It is hot to reflect" while playing while learning, easy to cultivate creative thinking-using creative problem solving

How to think creatively, how to be creative, how to use creativity? "using Creative Problem solving" course will lead you to creative learning and creativity! This course, which is specially invited by the University's Institute of Science and Technology management, Lin Sping Teacher, November 2018 on the British FutureLearn platform, the course is taught in […]

"E Bowl newspaper" Allen Teacher talk about things, take you to logistics operations personnel-Logistics Management Certificate

Republic of China Logistics Association x National Chiao Tung University Prepare for the future/already engaged in the logistics industry, logistics-related information industry, engaged in the financial services sector, engaged in trade and wholesale and retail services, serving in the government departments of the General Customs and related areas.This course not only takes you through the […]

"e Bowl newspaper" robot era is coming, are you ready?

In recent years, the robot has received considerable attention from all walks of life, especially in sci-fi movies and novels, but also is menacing, but the real and imagined world, after all there is a huge difference, this course hopes from the academic point of view, to bring the true face of the human robot, […]

"E-bowl" with AR to realize your dream of treasure!Vr/ar Virtual Creative Dream Factory, learn the certificate of free to take!

The 2016 is called "the Year of virtual reality", and when it comes to virtual reality, many people think there is a plot in the movie.However, in the teaching scene, scene navigation, medical surgery, construction and even the 2016 game Pokemon, we can see the technology of virtual creation, around our life. Virtual creation cool […]

Data Mining and R language (phase No. 20183 Advanced Practice Course)

"Course Introduction" Data scientists are now the hottest industry, and R language is one of the basic tools that data scientists must learn.R language, is a free, open source code software, and easy to get started.Through the R language, data mining can be used to maximize the use of data through data visualization, statistical analysis […]

"E-Bowl newspaper" The Test of four stone ─toc series of four stone refining courses

TOC Four the test of the stone is derived from the precious stones of the four mystical powers of fall in ancient times. According to legend, the leader who is able to pass the test of the four stones, will be able to gain the mystical power to perceive the key issues and break through […]