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"It is hot to reflect" while playing while learning, easy to cultivate creative thinking-using creative problem solving

How to think creatively, how to be creative, how to use creativity? "using Creative Problem solving" course will lead you to creative learning and creativity! This course, which is specially invited by the University's Institute of Science and Technology management, Lin Sping Teacher, November 2018 on the British FutureLearn platform, the course is taught in […]

"E Bowl newspaper" Allen Teacher talk about things, take you to logistics operations personnel-Logistics Management Certificate

Republic of China Logistics Association x National Chiao Tung University Prepare for the future/already engaged in the logistics industry, logistics-related information industry, engaged in the financial services sector, engaged in trade and wholesale and retail services, serving in the government departments of the General Customs and related areas.This course not only takes you through the […]

the key course for fall and winter

Another year in Taiwan, the most comfortable temperature, humidity, autumn season! What courses can you study at home in the autumn near winter/Autumn? Teacher Allen talk about logistics, how about join in !? Course date: 2018.11.01 ~ 2018.12.3 Registration Website: Http:// Course fee: 3000 Yuan (the first 2 weeks free, after 5 weeks to pay […]

Ewant Autumn Good Lesson

  School starts!A lot of family and friends to Yoshiichi is worried, happy is the whole Taiwan parents can have a little more to enjoy themselves, cultivate the artistic flavor of the time, the worry is that the whole Taiwan school children to start every day to check in to schools cram classes. First of […]

"E-Bowl" 2018 Art Festival "ai (real Identity)" debut with arts and Technology integration Light Campus

"Jin Pao reporter Rowezhou/hsinchu report" Jiaotong University "2018 Art Festival" 4 to May on the campus of the Jiaotong College, by discussing "ai" this seemingly scientific and technical sense of the theme, flip the original commonly known as Artifitial Intelligence (artificial intelligence) initials, will be "ai" redefine, change authentic Identity (real identity) as the theme, […]

[eToy] 2017 STEM summer camp: playing the scratch of etoy at the National Chiao Tung University!!!

Play the program, create a great future! 108 Taiwan formally outline of programming into classes, and parents, are you ready? National Chiao Tung University Wei Yu, ewant x wikidue with Taiwan under the "American ISTE" and "Republic of China Institute of digital learning" lesson plans developed in the pointer through Mambo four-axis aircraft, let the […]